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Ez Livin Design is proud to present this eloquently-written music & culture blog by our long-time friend, Modern Times.



The Greatest Music You May or May Not Have Heard Before

Modern Times is the past, present, and future, taking old ideas and making them relevant in influencing, inspiring, and creating new ideas. All music is valid, of course depending on a person's background, preference of taste, and purpose. The name Modern Times is also my personal artist pseudonym. I'm a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumental, aspiring producer and aspiring educator of popular music study. With the encouragement of my fellow peers, I have created this blog to share my thoughts, feelings, and perspective of "the greatest music you may not or may have heard of". I am simply expressing my opinions on what I believe is great music and what makes great music. I welcome debate and challenges and I hope that in promoting what I believe is great music, it might influence and inspire you to discover and experience the music for yourselves. My purpose in life is to share music, whether that is through performance or dialogue. Music is my passion and I enjoy the opportunities to share my passion, opinions and experience with others whom are like-minded and those who express interest and appreciation for knowledge of music.