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 These music playlists were compiled by PhD scholars, candidates & music-lovers for #EZLIVIN MEDIA. Tap below to learn more:


Listeners with a TIDAL subscription may access this exclusive #SCHOOL2 playlist:

Tony Eagan is a Kierkegaard scholar, traveller & music collector. His playlist is streaming exclusively in Hi-Fi (tap below).

Dr. Hakala has a linguistics-background and has strong interests in theater and literature. Her playlist is streaming exclusively in Hi-Fi (tap below).


DingoBrad is an American recording artist committed to #TransformClassroomParadigms for ensuring both hi-fidelity and free, user-created content that encourages affordable learning through music. Every song you’ll hear mentions "school" and material objects found in school settings. DingoBrad’s earlier work includes an experimental-opera album, called SCHOOL: A MOVIE THE YOUTH CAN RELATE. Click the link to hear the ground-breaking project.