DingoBrad presents liner notes from his debut operatic, 
School: A Movie the Youth Can Relate 
(coming soon to the stage at University of California Merced) 

Inspired by the 4-stage

industrial-model for "intuitive learning," this record adopts the operatic form for sonically imbuing the listener with a recreation of commonplace intuition training. Stage One, unconscious incompetence, is marked by a D major ostinato. This "obsessive" line serves as a motif (& pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Hermann's score to the 1958 film, "Vertigo"), which signifies a shift into psychic habituation, in Stage Two. The operatic structure recalls motifs that help push the listener from unconscious to conscious, a shift from incompetent to competent in content by Stage Three, before reaching the climax stage of intuition, thus signnifying arrival at the unconscious & competent (Stage Four). Today's industrial-model-based schools need less rigid curriculums, is it time to return to media arts?