TreeRoot Collective

Ebbie Akbar

used courtesy of District 12 Ent./#EzLivin Records 2016

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#EzLivin Records/Media/Design

A Snapchat short


A student film starring Yeldarb Naitsirhc, Gabby Ortega and Matthias Siiteri


East Coast-producer Aldea_ transcends into digital pioneer on his 2016 album, "Dotcom," courtesy of #TreeRootCollective. Watch the music vid for his opening track, "Rome" by Aldea, filmed and edited by #EzLivin Media.



A beach bum named Jo becomes a prophet when he receives a mysterious hologram-message, warning him to leave the city before a major, destructive earthquake hits, and walk north to the mountains of Lake Ez. Centuries later, The Book of Jo is been discovered, buried on a construction site, somewhere in East County, San Diego.


camba ave.

Produced by Jayson Cash. "One of these Mornings" is available on music-streaming sites courtesy of #TheInCrowd. Filmed and Edited By; Ricky " El Direktor" Gaisie IG: @ElDirektor

Toss n Towel Game Towel 


Robert F. Smith is a leader of the blind community in Long Beach who worked with the Boys & Girls Club on his latest campaign with the Little Green Apples Project to share #IntentionalActsofKindness. 

swinerve the gang (lyric vid)

Watch the lyric video, presented by #EzLivin Media. The video debuted the same night as Swinerve the Gang's 2016 on-stage debut, performing the upcoming single with Tha Dogg Pound & Lil Yachty.

DingoBrad Presents #EzPortal LIVE

nick green: a hero's legend

Pilot Episode

Nick Green just signed his first, network tv deal and is slated to star in, "A Hero's Legend." Stay tuned for the homemade chronicles of Nick, a sixteen-year-old San Diegan, and his videographer, Venice, whom after winning several competitions, are introduced to a local, reality-tv show producer- B.D. Christian. Will this deal launch Nick and the Rebellion Skate Co. to iconic status? 

Find out on this snippet of the Nick Green: A Hero's Legend pilot: