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trials, tribulations, & fun

TTF (2016), Ebbie Akbar, executive producer, DingoBrad, District 12, Ent., #EzLivin Records

Listen now on Spotify

Listen now on Spotify

(2016) Ebbie Akbar's latest release is an experiment on autobiographical realism, its the debut of her name change, and its lit with original beats by Germany's own, Dieser Morton, audio/mix/master engineers  Diego Hodge/Kenny Woods & David Moss/B.D. Christian in Green Valley/Universal City, CA on #EzLivin Records/District 12 Ent, executive producer, DingoBrad, original compositions by Ebbie Akbar.

2014 - "Ebbie the Great"

#FinishHim (Spotify Users Can Click Here)

(2014) EBBIETheGreat and DJ Tony Rico debuted the Finish Him Mixtape, while sharing the stage with Nipsey Hu$$le, at Porter's Pub, UC San Diego.

(2016) This single shows Ebbie singing little Orphan Annie musical-style combined with Dead Prez, Immortal Technique theme-rap on the experimental musical/hip hop opera track "Got Class," produced by DingoBrad, which features Josiah Cermak on acoustic guitar, and composed by Ebbie Akbar.

Available now on all music streaming platforms.

Ebbie's band project is called, Swinerve the Gang. This is the single which debuted the night of the live performance at The Observatory San Diego with Lil Yachty & The Dogg Pound.