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UC Merced Podcast

UC Merced has its very own podcast featuring undergraduate students and intellectual giants discussing the best trends in entertainment industry.

Tap in now.

Bleecker Street Media

The Bleecker Street Media McQueen Skull Art Contest is featuring artwork by Los Angeles fashion designer and EZ LIVIN MEDIA costume designer, Job R.

LA Women's International Film Festival

LA Women's International Film Festival

The LA Women’s Film Festival will be screening Girl in the Blue Bra on March 24 in Santa Monica, CA. Buy tickets here.

“ }}} L.A. friends {{{ today thru the 25th is the L.A. women's film festival, for only $10 you can watch some badass films by women filmmakers! My wife's film, The Girl In The Blue Bra, screens on Saturday at 12! #lawomensfest huge s/o to Diana Means for setting the whole thing up! Have a great weekend! 😀✌” 

- Kahsun (Patrick Collins) is an extra in this short film and a music producer on EZ LIVIN RECORDS.

Preeya Manita

Preeya Manita

Preeya Manita is a multimedia artist and business owner. Her latest work with #EzLivin Media includes creating the lyric video for "Thugs," performed by Swinerve the Gang. Watch now here.


View her images on Preeyas Perspective and contact her today for modeling & print work!