An #EzLivin affiliate since 2010, Kevin's work is seen on the album covers for DingoBrad, Ebbie Akbar, and now, Ez Livin Design is proud to present Kevin Pershin.


Kevin Pershin Photography

Kevin Pershin is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. His passion for photography began on a family camping trip with the discovery of his father’s film camera.  Ever since, Kevin’s love for photography has continued to grow both artistically and professionally as he further studied the subject throughout high school, college, and by assisting already accomplished photographers in the Los Angeles area.  He enjoys the ability to create anything that he desires with the mediums of photography and light in both studio settings as well as outdoors among nature or the inspirational landmarks of Los Angeles. When Kevin is not behind the camera he enjoys camping, road trips, spending time with friends and family, writing music, and adventuring with his dog, Millie. Some of his most notable clientele include 7Up, Farmers Insurance, Q Modeling Agency, Blue Collar Clothing, etc.